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Cust Equestrian Group

More fun than a bag of chaff!

Past Events

Past Events 

Some words from our riders

Le Trail - Competitive Ride April 2012

What a great day we had! Fabulous weather and an excellent turnout meant a successful ride and fundraiser for our club! Well done to you all.

There were 20 x 20km, 15 x 10km and 2 x 5km riders. All reported an excellent ride.

Look for the photo's under Photo Gallery above.

Many thanks to those who came along - and to our helpers on the day.

I've included photo's of the new round yard and the arena in a separate folder.

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River Ride- December 2011

We had a fabulous ride down at the Ashley River on Tuesday 27th December. 15 of us gathered at the roadside on Ashley Rd, on a hot and sunny morning- a good day for river crossings! Sadly as we set off, one horse decided, quite clearly, that he wouldn't be joining us for the days ride - and he and his rider turned back after 1/2 a km.

The ride was 3 1/2 hrs and took us down quiet country roads, on down to the Ashley River with multiple river crossings- complete with deep holes for a good dip!

The horses were of all sizes and levels of ability - HUGE dressage horses (who had never been in water before - let alone scramble down banks into water...), young 3yr olds, seasoned jumpers, beautiful Arabs, and few hardy trekkers. Hats off to all the horses and their riders- there were a few "firsts" accomplished that day.

There were shod and barefoot horses- but the barefoot ones had boots. It's a great ride out and well recommended. Take your lunch, enjoy the scenery and have a great day out.

Thanks everyone.Photo's on Gallery page


Winterslow Trek October 2011

Seven riders and 2 helpers headed off to Winterslow Station last weekend - and all returned! We were Caroline and Anna, Liz L, Liz B, Hannah, Jen, Julie, Ros and Mike.

We had great weather for most of the time - with a little thick fog rolling in on Sunday morning just to make it interesting.

Winterslow is a High Country station found inland from Alford Forest - past the Mt Hutt turnoff heading south. David Wightman has been kind enough to allow us on his land twice now- for which we riders are extremely grateful!

We arrived at the road end at lunchtime on Friday 28th October. All gear is driven into the station by 4 wheel drive and trailer - we are beholden to Ros and Mike for their time and vehicles provided for this.

The ride in to the Cookhouse is about 1hr 30mins -a fairly big climb too!. We arrived at the base, sorted the horses into their paddocks and made for the bunkhouses. The afternoon saw us riding out (up) to the blank panther cage - some of you may remember the TV articles a few years back about the large cat seen in that area? Winterslow was also featured on Country Calender 2 years ago.

The Cookhouse is like a step back in time - its a bunkhouse and kitchen all in one. The old coal range is fabulous and I'm told - cooks great pastry! ( there's a story in that you might want to ask Marsley about). Around the walls are relics and pieces of history - like a museum of Winterslows past. Old pack saddles, huge cooking pots,photo's of old time shepherds. The old "long-drops" are a like step back in time too. Insect repellent is a must!

Saturday morning was beautifully fine. We headed off up a track to see the first hut ever built on the station. It was amazing - isolated and way up in a pass. Riders of old wouldn't have had the luxury of the vehicle tracks we used - the old pack trails wind up and down the mountainsides- in quite precarious places some times. We lunched on a plateau - enjoying a snooze in the sun- the horse dozed as well- too tired to do much more.

"Cowgirls and Indians" was the evening theme - Julie won the dress-up with her rendition of Winterslow Sherriff (an outfit she denies was stolen from her 3 yr old child!).

Sunday started fine- but quickly changed to foggy and cold - we set out for the panther cage area again and by the time we arrived - couldn't see more than 20 to 30 feet in front. Some of the riders followed David off onto an old pack-horse track again - only to disappear from view to those of us up the hill.

The ride out was in clear air again and I admit to being tired by the time we arrived back at the floats.

It was a great weekend- in good company - on magnificent high country land.

Many thanks David for your excellent hospitality - again.


See the photo gallery for pictures.

Club Day - Le Cust play day Sunday 27th Nov

About 10 riders and their horses turned up this morning for a bit of fun at the arena. We played with the hoofball, dragging a sack on a long line and dragging a ball, forwards and backwards through an "L" shape, weaving through cones, riding through the "fly screen", getting our horse to climb onto the tire mound - and off, riding over a tarpaulin- and getting the horse to carry it over his back, barrel racing, and also had time in the shingle pit. Some of us tried the cavaletti too!.

Most of us went off for a ride around the block to finish off. It was a lovely day- windless and sunny.

A few of our riders hadn't ever tried this type of play before - and were chuffed to have achieved so much.Well done to you all .

For those of you heading to the Le Cust day - Best of Luck. Chris deliberately didn't tell me what she has lined up for the actual event - so we wouldn't have a head start !!

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